Sunday, 11 December 2011

Medieval German War wagon

A sort of mobile Mantlet..or the first ever Ikea moblie Walk-in-Wardrobe :-D
Scratch built from bits of plastic card, aircraft kit sprue and some old Kinder egg suprise cannonwheels.
What´s behind the doors!!?...........
..........a trestlegun, made using the barrel from the bombard from the redbox hussite artillery set.All 4 doors slide open and shut.
The rear..or front..depends really. I´m still working on the crew. Maybe I´ll make  extra bits of flooring with the bods attached, so that I can have either the trestlegun or crossbow men
German War wagon ca 1480 from the Mittelalteriche Hausbuch
A large group of War wagons in Lager